Sell More Books – How Book Rescue Can Help YOU with Book Marketing

sell more books

What is Book Rescue? Just in case you’re new around here, Book Rescue is a project where I help struggling independent authors sell more books. A good candidate for Book Rescue has a catalog of books and all they need is a little course-correcting to help them see success. My team and I come in … Read more

Did Our Book Marketing Strategies Pay Off – Book Rescue – Season Two – FINALE

book marketing strategies

It’s finally here: The Finale of Season 2 of Book Rescue! Did we manage to help another author? Did we crush our deadline? Find out this, the results of our book marketing strategies, and more right now! I can’t believe another season is on the books. Book Rescue is a very personal journey where I … Read more

Amazon Ads for Beginners – Book Rescue – Season 2 Episode 5

amazon ads for beginners

What do you do when you’re behind on a deadline? Don’t sweat it. You’ve heard that saying, “done is better than perfect”. Well, “done well and missing a deadline is better than rushed and meeting a deadline”. Just say no to mediocre! We’re going to jump into some Amazon Ads for beginners! But before we … Read more

Hiring a Book Cover Designer is Easier Than You Think – Book Rescue – Season 2 Episode 2

hiring a book cover designer

As you know, we’re already 3 days into the challenge that Fiverr issued Sarah and I to publish a book in 90 days. If you haven’t watched Episode 1, there it is 👆👆👆 In this episode, we’ll be delving into hiring a book cover designer and also keywords and book description! So, here’s the plan… … Read more