What is Book Rescue?

Book Rescue is the brainchild of Dale L. Roberts. Dale is a content creator and self-publishing advocate who operates a popular YouTube channel and podcast. You can find out more about Dale at SelfPublishingwithDale.com.

Book Rescue started when Dale was working with Thomas Bradley. Seeing that the guidance he was giving Thomas could help others, he began documenting their interactions on video.

By implementing some basic best practices and using affordable services from Fiverr, Dale worked with Thomas to increase his book sales by 200%.

Have a look:

It didn’t take long for Book Rescue to gain the attention of the self-publishing community. Fiverr has become an ongoing sponsor of the show and Dale has begun filming Season 2.

If you want to binge Season 1, you can catch it here – https://bookrescueshow.com/season1


Think You’d Make a Good Fit for Book Rescue?

You can apply for a future season of Book Rescue right here on the site.